The Real Kicker when it comes to Music

There is no doubt that music effects our emotions, whether it be positive or negative, to some extent. Music has even been used by healthcare providers to assist with the treatment of diseases and other ailments. Our stress, social, and activity levels is influenced by music of which for some the purpose is to calm us down while for others the songs are meant to increase excitement. In a business setting some stores have used music to influence buying decisions of prospective customers.

Words within a song is one of the primary influencer whether it promotes good behavior, wrong doings, religious beliefs, anger, love, praise, or even just telling a story. Whether it be children grow up listening to nursery rhymes, teenagers listening to the radio, or adults attending concerts we are all stimulated by the lyrics which affects our memories. Everyone has a favorite jingle either because they heard it during a memorable event as well as a least favorite song because it was played during a low time in their life. This might explain why some businesses may choose to feature only instrumental music by less-popular composers in order to reduce the potential of negativity. Another attribute of music that affects us the speed of the song. Songs with a fast beat are more likely to increase excitement and happyness while those with a slow beat in contrast usually results in a calming effect. The speed of a song is measured in beats-per-minute of which some of fastest are well above 1000bpm while the slower are less than 100bpm. There are even some songs without a specified beats-per-minute such as “As Slow as Possible” by John Cage.

There are three sources of music within a virtual world; audio files played by a prim, streaming music configured on the parcel, or the audio syncronized to a video clip. Localized music can be projected from objects in-world which are scripted to play an audio file that has been uploaded to the server. The object typically will either play it on repeat or will play a series of audio files back-to-back segments if the complete piece extends beyond predefined technical limits. Streaming music can configured on a parcel by opening the land settings and copy/pasting the URL to the stream into a designated field. Video clips are configured within the parcel settings in a similar manner as streaming audio with the video itself visible on a specially configured prim in-world. For obvious reasons it is best not to use two or more of these three methods at the same time as it can be confusion for the avatar trying to enjoy it.

There’s more to Product Descriptions than just the Features

Before making a purchase many customers, with the exception of some impulse shoppers, will seek out as much product information as they can in advance. The product description should list the primary features in the product, but also outline specific benefits to prospects and how the product or service can result in becoming the solution to actual issues the customer is or will be encountering in the near future. One method of providing this is to include testimonials from past customers and/or encouraging existing users to submit a product review to a third party that is accessible to the public.

Pictures and videos of the item in use are important inclusions when describing a product. Multiple angles should be included under different lighting conditions and of high enough quality to show details, but also compressed to a reasonable size so that the image is visible to the customer sooner rather than later. If the size of the images are large, but the computer and internet connection attempting to display them are at minimum specifications the client might choose to not wait and therefore a potential sale will likely be lost.

In addition, information about the product should mention the specific attributes that makes it stand out against competitive products. Determining this is as simple as reviewing the product descriptions of similar products from other vendors and noting what details they are and aren’t including. Including information where others do not can lead to a competitive advantage. The creator should always make themselves available to answer questions from the potential customer. Be sure to include relevant contact information in the profile and indicate how the creator or support representatives may be contact both when they are online and when they are offline.

Halloween Add-Ons for F$ish Hunt is available

Just in time for the upcoming holiday. This package includes a choice from two add-ons for your F$sh Hunt rod and works with all three versions (Beginner, Pro, and Deluxe). One of the add-ons is a waving flag of an animated pumpkin where the eyes are constantly looking back and forth. The other add-on features a skull, bloody bones, dripping blood, and a waving flag of a fish skeleton. Both the prims and scripts are NoMod, YesCopy, NoTransfer.

This add-on is available on the SL Marketplace for only L$49.

You can find more info about F$sh Hunt at

The Importance of Sunlight and your Objects

The sun’s position can affect the amount of detail and quality, or lack thereof, in a creation or location. The most common sun positions available in a virtual world are Sunrise, Midday, Sunset, and Midnight with each having a different influence on the environment. Both sunrise and sunset increases the amount of orange coloring in the area, midday can result in a possible over saturation and washing out details therefore making things look very dull, and finally midnight has the opposite issue as midday in that without lighting everything is underexposed.

Sunrise is defined as when the top edge of the sun is just starting to rise above the horizon while sunset is when the bottom of the sun has just lowered itself below the horizon. The sky and many objects will usually have an orange tint to them as they transition from bland during midday to sunset or transition from an orange hue at sunrise to potentially appearing dull in the midday. These transition periods are sometimes referred to as the golden hour and typically are the best times of day for outdoor photography. Alternatively, if the object is between the sun and the photographer the result is usually a silhouette of the object with only the edges containing any details with the center of the object mostly black.

It is important for creators to observe their object at the four different times of day to ensure that the final representation is what is desired. Double-checking all faces of the object to ensure those that should be full-bright are full-bright and those that shouldn’t be full-bright aren’t. Also, visitors/customers have varying computer capabilities where some may be upper-end are able to see bumps on a texture and shadows while others at the opposite end cannot see either of these and may also have local lights disabled. Before exposing or offering a creation to the public the creator should slide the graphics preferences in their own viewer to high as well as to low to ensure quality is satisfactory.