What About the Ceiling?

One of the most underdeveloped areas when avatars create buildings is the ceiling and the many different patterns available for it. Textured ceilings are one of the many ways to stimulate or enhance the experience and provides an excellent opportunity to spruce up the finished product. Aesthetics are even further improved when the ceiling is tilted at an angle.

Textured ceilings give areas variety with many options available to select from, however some location can feel dimly lit and small depending on the texture selected. The more common compositions available are popcorn (sometimes known as acoustical) and plaster. Popcorn ceilings are ceilings which have finished with an uneven white colored product. However, popcorn ceilings are hardly ever utilized these days for cosmetic reasons as avatars consider other approaches and designs to the finish of their ceilings Selecting the most appropriate ceiling design can be very difficult because of the so many diverse methods, styles, and patterns available.

The methods and procedures for making textured ceilings can result in thousands of styles as a number of different kinds of techniques can be utilized. Once the ideal texture is decided on it can add illumination and depth to an area and many times provide locations with a whole new appearance.