An updated RemindATime is now available!

z1225_RemindATimeV3_512This HUD is a short-term appointment organizer that allows you to schedule and then receive either single or reoccurring event reminders as briefly as right when an event starts all the way up to a day in advance. Reminders may also be “snoozed” for a variable amount of time to be displayed later. (if the snooze menu times out or is ignored, it auto-snoozes for 10 minutes). The easy-to-use menu driven system makes configuring a reminder simple with the only typing required is describing the event! Other features include listing upcoming events, converting landmarks into a SLURL, sharing appointments with others, a stopwatch timer, receiving off-line reminders, and controlling other nearby gadgets. All appointments are based on SLT (Second Life Time).

What’s new in V3?
– Now uses TextBox to receive info when adding reminders, yet still backwards compatible with older viewers
– If a sound file is added to contents of HUD the sound will automatically play when an event reminder appears
– A summary is displayed by HUD instead of showing every added event in chat for reoccurring appointments.
– If a copy is rezzed in-world, HUD will automatically locate it and remotely synchronize new events into it.

NOTE: Synchronizing is only one-way. New events from HUD will automatically add to in-world gadget, but not the reverse.