Make the Most of your Business Entryway

entrymatThe entrance to your business is one of the first things visitors will notice and can greatly effect whether you make a sale or not. The visual appearance needs to be inviting to portray your business in a positive light. It should be attractive both around the entrance itself, but also the path leading up to the door.

One of the most common attributes of an store front includes awnings, plants, statues, and signs. The awning canvas covering adds an aesthetic appear as well as some shelter from the elements. The plants surrounding the entrance are usually in a contained area such as potted structure or sticking up out of a segmented area of the building Sometimes multiple plants are used to create a garden. foundation. Statues can either be either side of the door or placed out in the grass lawn area leading up to the entrance. Signage is usually above the door or on one side recessed in the wall flush with the entryway.

it is very important that any decoration around the entrance does not impede navigation around or through it. While virtual worlds generally do not enforce accessibility laws such as ADA (American Disability Act) like real-world stores do, it is still a best practice to not affect avatar movement nor cause one’s camera controls to unnecessarily be impeded as a result of objects in the doorway. The final consideration is to welcome any and all visitors either with non-obstructive signage (such as a welcome mat) and make it clear to the avatar how they can contact someone for additional assistance.

Breaking the Perfectionist Habit

perfectIt is important to know when a product includes all of the desired features and is ready for release. Sometimes, this can lead to spending excessive time perfecting it only to realize that the extra time spend on such perfection might not have been worth the effort. The longer time is spent perfecting a product for release may result in missed sales opportunities.

Insisting on releasing perfect products can lead to frustration and disappointment because there is no such as a perfect product. The common cliche that you “can satisfy some people some of the time, but you cannot satisfy everybody all of the time” consistently holds true. When choosing which features to include in a product, one must consider the time and effort required to implement it in exchange for the increased (or lack thereof) sales that results from it.

During the finalization of a product there will always be tweaking involved based on both internal testing and possibly from external beta testers. However, as each new product is released you will gain experience to know when to stop making adjustments and when to just finish creating the product so it can be marketed.

Knowing when to stop perfecting is important for both product development as well as individual projects even when the project does not originate from you. External requests, sometimes referred to as contract work, will have strict deadlines and milestones that must be accomplished along the way which can all be reasonably satisfied without being “perfect”.

Dealing with an Eyesore on a Neighboring Parcel

neighborparcelThe value and attractiveness of one’s parcel can be reduced by a neighboring eyesore and dealing with such eyesores can put you into a tricky situation. Depending on the covenant of the sim your options may only include putting up a fence (without being a eyesore itself) to enforcement of local ordinances through an estate manager. Some common example eyesores include buildings, plants, and antennas.

An unfinished structure as a result of construction project, especially those which are still the default plywood or blank textures tend to be the most annoying.. Structures that are textured, but are utilizing a non-complimentary color scheme as well as those having a run-down or abandoned look can be an eyesore next to your higher-quality building.

Plants including trees, stumps, shrubbery, overgrown weeds can negatively affect your landscape. In some cases these same items can be used along the perimeter of your parcel to block out an eyesore, however similar to a fence they can become an eyesore to others within the sim if you are not strategic with their placement. In some cases a tall fence can be used containing a beautiful image facing you, but the opposing side of the fence is completely transparent so-as to not become an eyesore to others.

While the land value of a parcel may or may not be affected by nearby antennas, such as satellite dishes or cell phone towers, some may still consider these to be an eyesore. In the real world many times an effort made for the antenna to blend in with the surrounding landscape by making it look like a tree. Within virtual worlds the visibility of antenna’s is less common as they are suited more for decorative purposes within urban settings without providing actual communication functionality because this is not required within the virtual world.