Writing Effective Product Manuals

productmanualsIt goes without saying that the right amount of research is required when trying to put together helpful user manuals. Take the time to make sure that all of the documentation is accurate and if possible have another set of eyes double-check the work, preferably someone that isn’t as familiar with the product as the creator is. In addition, it will also be extremely beneficial to find out all of the various ways that customers might use the product so that all proper scenarios are covered should there be a need to troubleshoot.

Make sure when writing product manuals that the structure or base of the manual is outlined first. Then begin filling in all of the pertinent information for each step of the way. If at all possible, it will help a great deal to include pictures or textures along with the instruction process. Many like to work in a visual manner, so having the added pictures or textures will help them there are questions.

While there are a number of avatars that manual writing could be outsourced to, writing product manuals as an in-house project might be more cost effective. This way one really has the most control over the layout and how the information reads to customers. In the end, writing product manuals can be a great way to give customers the quality information that they need in regards to products.

Off Sim VMS FireWorks *0.050ms* Random colors and USA

z1225_OffSim VMSFireworks_512This fireworks display system is capable of launching fireworks rocks from approximately 50m off the edge of the sim. The initial trajectory angle of the rockets are random as they rise up into the sky which is all powered by Vehicle Move System v1.3. . The distance from rezzer to explosion varies between 10m up to as high as 70m above the water and the show is best viewed from near the sim edge. Works great in mouseview too! The total number of rockets can be configured by modifying the object’s description.

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