KI Log Flume Ride *0.390ms* non-physics seamless water bobbing log

z1225_KILogFlume_512The following product is the result of those who chose to take the short survey at the KI Amusement Ride location. Thank you for the many requests for a log flume ride.  Be sure to stop by and check it out!  This 32m x 46m x 12m single-lap log flume ride is great way for your guests to cool off when the weather is hot.  The log flume features seamless flowing water, bobbing log vehicle (seats up to two), conveyor belt lift hill, and an angled drop with finale splash.  Riders will rock forwards and backwards, left and right as their log vehicle traverses the course through the eyes of an unlocked camera view or while in mouselook. All scripts are no-mod while the log vehicle and water are also no mod, however the track itself can be custom textured.

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