Product End Of Life Issues

productendoflifeEvery product sold has a life cycle of support. For some products, it can be much shorter than others. For instance, some scripted objects such as proximity sensors, resizers, communication tasks, and others can have a life cycle that is limited as a result of new scripting functions being made available.

Typically, there will be a successor product that one will try to steer customers into that replaces functionality with improved efficiency. However, there is always the problem of maintaining older versions of a product that is still being used by an existing loyal customer base. Ways to support older products, at least for a period of time, might require occasionally releasing bug fixes to adapt to a new environment.

Nobody wants to support an older product because they usually are not generating any new cash flow into a business, so they are a drag on the bottom line unless the product’s existing business model includes reoccurring revenue. Some businesses direct customers to a web site or pass out note-cards that has all of the pertinent information and then provide an upgrade path for users to obtain new versions at a discount or sometimes even for free.  For many businesses, the expense of supporting existing products whose life cycle has ended can be quite costly. The number of customers who are using an outdated product will dwindle over time as more and more of them switch to the latest technology.

An updated RemindATime is now available!

z1225_RemindATimeV3_512This HUD is a short-term appointment organizer that allows you to schedule and then receive either single or reoccurring event reminders as briefly as right when an event starts all the way up to a day in advance. Reminders may also be “snoozed” for a variable amount of time to be displayed later. (if the snooze menu times out or is ignored, it auto-snoozes for 10 minutes). The easy-to-use menu driven system makes configuring a reminder simple with the only typing required is describing the event! Other features include listing upcoming events, converting landmarks into a SLURL, sharing appointments with others, a stopwatch timer, receiving off-line reminders, and controlling other nearby gadgets. All appointments are based on SLT (Second Life Time).

What’s new in V3?
– Now uses TextBox to receive info when adding reminders, yet still backwards compatible with older viewers
– If a sound file is added to contents of HUD the sound will automatically play when an event reminder appears
– A summary is displayed by HUD instead of showing every added event in chat for reoccurring appointments.
– If a copy is rezzed in-world, HUD will automatically locate it and remotely synchronize new events into it.

NOTE: Synchronizing is only one-way. New events from HUD will automatically add to in-world gadget, but not the reverse.